The various work packages and projects in FRIC publish a number of reports and articles. All publications will be listed on the centre's page on Research Gate, where the publications that are openly available also can be downloaded.

You may also find open FRIC reports and other publications below. 


Report number Title (with link)
FRIC report D4.1-2020.05 Review of efficient manual fire extinguishing methods and equipment for the fire service
FRIC report D4.3-2020.09 Rehabilitated escape route doors - Mounting of glass, boards and sealing lists
FRIC report D2.2-2020.03 Fire without flames - 13 amazing facts about smouldering fires
FRIC report D4.3-2019.02 Fire performance of escape route doors in cultural heritage buildings, A state-of-the-art review

Other publications

Publication Title (with link) 
FRIC webinar D0.1-2021.09  Fire safety challenges of "green" buildings and attributes (pdf + video recording) 
FRIC webinar D3.1-2021-05c Charring of wooden I-joists in assemblies with combustible insulation (pdf + video recording)
FRIC webinar 
Energy storage, energy production and SMART technology in buildings (pdf + video recording)
FRIC webinar
Communication of fire safety [in Norw.] (pdf + video recording) 
FRIC presentation D0.1-2021.06  Fire Research and Innovation Centre FRIC – status after 2 years, pres. for Gjensidigestiftelsen & Research Council of Norway
FRIC presentation
Progress report 2020 
FRIC webinar
Numerical simulation of smouldering fires (pdf + video recording)
FRIC webinar
Fire safety measures for at-risk persons (pdf + video recording)
FRIC webinar
Fire performance of escape route doors in cultural heritage buildings -A state-of-the-art review (pdf + video recording)