In the tables below you may find all FRIC reports and publications published by FRIC.

In addition, FRIC's work is presented in numerous conference presentations, seminars, newspaper articles and other publications, that may be found and downloaded from the project bank of the Research Council of Norway and on FRIC's page on Research Gate, where the publications that are openly available also can be downloaded.



Report number Title (with link)
FRIC study
The effect of Bjørnis– Study of the effect of Bjørnis on the fire safety in Norwegian households
FRIC Report
Analytisk brannteknisk prosjektering av trebygninger i brannklasse 3 - Veileder for brannrådgivere og konstruktører 
FRIC Report
Smouldering fire test methods, Documenting the potential for smouldering fires in thermal insulation
FRIC report
Communication of fire safety 
FRIC report
Kommunikasjon av brannsikkerhet 
FRIC report
Analyse av brann i kommunalt boligbygg i Bergen 7. august 2021
FRIC report
Veileder - Brannteknisk oppgradering av verneverdige tredører 
FRIC report
Fire safety of energy storage and energy production in buildings
FRIC report
Recent development in vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and smart ventilation technologies
FRIC report D1.2.2022.09 Læring etter branner i Norge - forutsetninger, barrierer og fremmende faktorer
FRIC report
Guideline - Fire resistance upgrade of cultural heritage doors
FRIC report
Learning from fires in Norway : Preconditions, barriers and enabling factors
FRIC report
Review of efficient manual fire extinguishing methods and equipment for the fire service
FRIC report
Rehabilitated escape route doors - Mounting of glass, boards and sealing lists
FRIC report
Fire without flames - 13 amazing facts about smouldering fires
FRIC report
Fire performance of escape route doors in cultural heritage buildings, A state-of-the-art review

Peer-reviewed publications

Type Title (with link)
Journal, 2024  Large- and small-scale fire test of a building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) façade system
Journal, 2023 Fire spread in a large compartment with exposed cross-laminated timber and open ventilation conditions: #FRIC-02 - Exposed wall and ceiling
Journal, 2023  Investigations of the extended Eddy Dissipation Concept formulation for weakly turbulent and slow chemistry flames
Journal, 2023 Experimental Study of the Charring of I-Joists and Recession of Combustible Insulation in Light Timber Frame Assemblies with Comparison to Eurocode 5
Journal, 2023 Fire spread in a large compartment with exposed cross-laminated timber and open ventilation conditions: #FRIC-01 – Exposed ceiling
Journal, 2023  Upgrading of Fire Resistance to Architectural Heritage Escape Route Timber Doors 
Journal, 2023  Factors Affecting the Fire Safety Design of Photovoltaic Installations Under Performance-Based Regulations in Norway
Book chapter, 2022                             Mitigation Strategies for Waste Fires, chapter in Handbook of Fire and the Environment, Impacts and Mitigation
Conference, 2022 Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Smoldering in Granular Biomass Fuel Beds
Journal, 2022 Performance analysis of safety barriers against cascading failures in a battery pack 
Conference, 2022     Learning From Fire Incidents -- Analysis of a devastating fire in a building with municipal housing in Norway
Book chapter, 2022 Prevention of Ignition and Limitation of Fire Development in Furnishing and Home Environment, chapter in Residential Fire Safety. An Interdisciplinary Approach
Conference, 2021 Preconditions for Learning from Fires in Norway -- Structural, Cultural, Technological, Interactional and Relational Aspects 
Journal, 2021 Scrutinizing proposed extensions to the Eddy Dissipation Concept (EDC) at low turbulence Reynolds numbers and low Damköhler numbers
Journal, 2021 Learning from fire investigations and research – A Norwegian perspective on moving from a reactive to a proactive fire safety management
Journal, 2021 Fire safe, sustainable loose furnishing 

FRIC Webinars

Publication ID Title (with link) 
FRIC webinar
Effekten av Bjørnis - Studie av effekten av Bjørnis på brannsikkerheten i norske husstander (pdf + recording)
FRIC webinar
The effect of Bjørnis the fire mascot - The effect of Bjørnis for the fire safety in Norwegian households (pdf + recording)
FRIC webinar D4.3-2024.04 Falske alarmer, er dagens situasjon akseptabel?
(In Norwegian, pdf + recording)
FRIC webinar D3.2-2023.04 Large-scale compartment experiments with exposed Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) (pdf + recording)
FRIC webinar D4.3-2023.02 Improved fire behaviour of upholstered furniture (pdf + video recording)
FRIC webinar D4.1-2021.07 High-Pressure Water Mist Applications for Façade Fires (pdf + video recording)
FRIC webinar D1.2-2023.13 Fire in a municipal housing in Norway, 7th August 2021 (pdf + video recording)
FRIC webinar D1.2-2023.04 Brann i kommunalt boligbygg i Norge, 7. august 2021 (in Norwegian, pdf + video recording)
FRIC webinar
Heat stress during and after a simulated smoke dive in firefighters (pdf in English + video recording in Norwegian)
FRIC webinar
Guideline - Fire resistance upgrade of cultural heritage doors (pdf + video recording)
FRIC webinar 
Smoldering (pdf + video recording)
FRIC webinar 
Learning from fires in Norway – Preconditions, barriers and enabling factors (pdf + video recording)
FRIC webinar D3.1-2022.02 Use of EPS formwork blocks in 4-storey apartment buildings – fire testing and risk- and vulnerability analysis (pdf + video recording)
FRIC webinar D1.2-2021.08 The fire at Lone (pdf + video recording)
FRIC webinar D0.1-2021.09  Fire safety challenges of "green" buildings and attributes (pdf + video recording) 
FRIC webinar D3.1-2021-05c Charring of wooden I-joists in assemblies with combustible insulation (pdf + video recording)
FRIC webinar 
Energy storage, energy production and SMART technology in buildings (pdf + video recording)
FRIC webinar
Communication of fire safety [in Norw.] (pdf + video recording) 
FRIC webinar
Numerical simulation of smouldering fires (pdf + video recording)
FRIC webinar
Fire safety measures for at-risk persons (pdf + video recording)
FRIC webinar
Fire performance of escape route doors in cultural heritage buildings -A state-of-the-art review (pdf + video recording)

Conference contributions*

Conference  Title (with link)
World Conference on Timber
Engineering 2023 (WCTE 2023)  
Full proceedings. FRIC contribution (link). 
Nordic Fire & Safety Days 2022 Book of abstracts (with several FRIC contributions) 
Nordic Fire & Safety Days 2021 Book of abstracts (with several FRIC contributions) 
*FRIC regularly presents results at conferences and seminars, some of these are listed here, a complete overview is found at the project bank of the Research Council of Norway

FRIC progress reports and videos

Publication ID Title (with link)
FRIC presentation
Progress report 2023 
FRIC in 6 minutes (video) FRIC Fire Research and Innovation Centre in 6 minutes.
Only in Norwegian, English version available soon
FRIC presentation
Progress report 2022
FRIC presentation D1.1-2022.02 Progress report 2021
FRIC presentation D0.1-2021.06 Fire Research and Innovation Centre FRIC – status after 2 years, pres. for Gjensidigestiftelsen & Research Council of Norway
FRIC presentation
Progress report 2020
FRIC introduction video  FRIC Fire Research and Innovation Centre - An Introduction

PHD and Master theses

Name Master/ PhD Affiliation Year Title (with link)
BimaA. Putra PhD NTNU Modelling of Under-VentilatedFires
Reidar Stølen PhD NTNU Fire Safety of Photo-voltaic Installations
AndreasSæter Bøe PhD NTNU Fire safety in wooden buildings
Razieh Rozita Amiri PhD NTNU Residential Fire Safety
Cristina Sanfeliu Meliá (part of the SafeBESS project) PhD NTNU Fire safe,sustainable energy storage
Marie Sverdrupsen Master NTNU 2023 Bærekraftig brannteknisk prosjektering av sykehus
Agnete Aas Haukås Master NTNU 2023 Branntryggleik i eit berekraftsperspektiv
Karsten Braastad Master NTNU 2023 Strukturelle integritet til massivtrekonstruksjoner i brann
Madeleine Eriksen Master NTNU 2023 Cross-Laminated Timber in Fires: A Study of Factors Affecting Ignition, Reignition, Self-Extinction, and Charring
Grete Francis Xavier Master NTNU 2023 Integrasjon av livssyklusanalyse (LCA) i brannprosjektering
Mari Mæhlum Master NTNU 2022 Bærekraftig brannprosjektering
Maria Færstad Sæbø Master NTNU 2022 Trefasader og brannsikkerhet
Sigrid Fagerheim, Ingrid Wøllo Master NTNU 2022 Døren - det svakeste leddet /The door - the weakest link
Erlend A. Wesseltoft Master NTNU 2022 A Numerical Investigation of Turbulent Combustion in Pool Fires using OpenFOAM
Jishan Mahmud Rumi (part of the BUILDER project) Master HVL 2022 Reliable Fire Detection Systems for Residents with Drug and Psychiatric Disorders.
Dag Olav Snersrud Master NTNU 2021 Effects of external cooling on smoldering fire in wood pellets
Mats Fuglesang Sæther
Master NTNU 2020 Brannsikkerhet i trefasader - muligheter og utfordringer i høye bygninger
Håvard Strøm Halvorsen Master NTNU 2020 Brannsikkerhet ved bruk av trespiler på innvendige overflater - Utfordringer og muligheter
Kristine Woldseth Thorstensen Master NTNU 2020 Brannsikkerhet i barneskoler - rømningsanalyser

Other reports with FRIC contributions

Publication Title (with link)
RISE report 2023:67  Veileder silobrann, 13 tiltak og 4 advarsler 
RISE report 
Silo fire guideline, 13 measures and 4 warnings 
RISE report 2022:82                   EBOB - Solar cell installations on buildings. Fire spread and safety for fire services. Part 1 Main report
RISE report 2022:83 EBOB - Solar cell installations on buildings. Experimental study of fire spread in cavity behind solar cell modules on pitched roof surfaces. Part 2, Technical report