ALL FRIC partners have one representative each in the FRIC General Assembly. The General Assembly meets annually to elect the FRIC Executive Board and to decide on budgets and plans for research.

The FRIC Executive Board has elected members from the user partners representing industry and public enterprises and authorities as well as nominated members from the research partners RISE, NTNU and SINTEF. The Executive Board follows up on decisions from the General Assembly and the progress of the FRIC research activities. The Executive Board chair is elected among the user partners in FRIC. The FRIC Director from RISE participates in all board meetings. Research activities are planned and followed up by the FRIC Centre management.

The Centre Director, Work Package managers and the FRIC Industry Liaison constitutes the FRIC Centre management team. The Centre Director is from RISE. The Centre management  has representatives from RISE, NTNU and SINTEF. FRIC is organised as one common research project for the research partners RISE, NTNU and SINTEF.

Overview of all partners:


Anne Steen-Hansen, Centre Director