New FRIC study: The effect of Bjørnis the fire mascot

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A new FRIC study has now been published, where the aim has been to document and quantify the effect of Bjørnis for the fire safety in Norwegian households.

A survey was carried out with a total of 1,275 responses among participants at open fire stations throughout the country in September 2023.

The results from the study shows: 
1.Both children and adults have learned a lot about fire safety from Bjørnis, and the knowledge has useful for those around the child
2. The Bjørnis effect: The more arenas we meet Bjørnis, the more fire safety measures we implement in our homes
3. Many Norwegian households with children have improved fire safety because of something they have learned from Bjørnis: 
- Each household among the respondents has carried out an average of 4.1 measures: most have talked about fire safety, become familiar with the emergency telephone number and checked smoke alarms
- Among 1,193 households with children, more than 5,000 measures have been carried out
- On a national level, this means a great amount of measures carried out to improve fire safety in the home due to Bjørnis
- Fire safety has also been improved to a certain extent outside the child's household
4. Fire safety has also been improved to a certain extent outside the child's household
- One in five of the respondents has taken measures at the home of grandparents or others outside the household
- Bjørnis as a preventive measure can therefore also work for people with risk factors (elderly with reduced cognitive or physical abilities)

The main conclusion is that Bjørnis has led to a clear and documentable improvement in fire safety in Norwegian homes.

“Preventive work and knowledge of the effect of various measures are important focus areas in FRIC. Bjørnis is a great communicator of knowledge, and now we know that Bjørnis contributes to fire safety in Norwegian society," says Centre Director in FRIC, Anne Steen-Hansen.

This study is a part of project 4.3 Fire safety measures for dwellings in FRIC, in collaboration with the Bjørnis Foundation, and with help from many Norwegian fire services. 

Webinar summarizing the study in English 13th Feb at 12, registration: 
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The entire study (FRIC study D4.3-2024.01) and webinar recording:, direct link: 

Photo: Stiftelsen Brannbamsen Bjørnis