New FRIC report: Communication of fire safety

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In the FRIC report «Communication of fire safety» we study how to communicate fire safety to different groups of the population in the best possible way.

We have sent out a survey to Norwegian fire services, and received replies from 40. The results have given us a good impression of what works and which challenges remain. We have also had dialogue with multidisciplinary groups working with fire safety communication.

In addition to the report, you may find our supplementary webinar in which the Trøndelag fire and rescue service (TBRT) and the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB) present their work with fire safety communication.


You may find the full report here:


Look for these report numbers:

English report: FRIC report D4.3-2023.14

Norwegian report: FRIC rapport D4.3-2023.08

Webinar: FRIC webinar D4.3-2021.01