Fire test activities of FRIC Master Students

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Here are some pictures and information on the fire testing activities of two of our master students in FRIC.

To the left, you see pictures from the small-scale reaction to fire testing, performed by Mats Fuglesang Sæther, as part of FRIC WP3 Project 3-2 Timber structures. Mats has performed fire testing of on samples of cladding from different wood species, including fire-retardant treated wooden cladding. The Master Thesis project aims at giving answers to how a fire safe wooden façade can be achieved, and to map knowledge gaps that hinder the use of timber facades in large buildings.
(link to project site on Research Gate)

To the right, you see pictures from the medium-scale fire testing, performed by Håvard Strøm Halvorsen, as part of FRIC WP3 Project 3-1 Novel construction products. The pictures show fire testing of a wall with cladding of wood laths. The Master Thesis project addresses the fire safety of interior wood lath cladding, and includes assessment of regulations, challenges and opportunities.
(Link to project site on Research Gate)


The Master students have designed, planned and carried out their fire tests, which are funded by FRIC in cooperation with NTNU Wood (


The students are enrolled at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at NTNU. Their superviors are prof. Anne Steen-Hansen and WP3 leader Kathinka Leikanger Friquin (you may see a selfie of Anne in the bottom right picture, together with FRIC intern Kira Piechnic). The Master students will complete their Master Theses in June 2020, and the theses will be made available after the summer.


If you have questions or input, please contact us:
Master student supervisor and student liaison in FRIC: Prof. Anne Steen-Hansen,  
Master student supervisor and WP3 leader: PhD Kathinka Leikanger Friquin,