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At Nordic Fire & Safety Days this week, FRIC is well represented with several presentations:

- Learning from fires investigations in Norway - Preconditions for obtaining and sharing knowledge, by Aamodt et al (WP1, project 1-2)

- Modelling of Weak Turbulence in Underventilated Fires – Revisiting low-Re Turbulence Models, by Putra and Ertesvåg (WP2, project 2-1)

- Smouldering fires - scalability, simulation and application, by Mikalsen et al (WP2, project 2-2)

- Charring of wooden I-joists in assemblies with combustible insulation - fire experiments and results, by Sæter Bøe et al (WP3, project 3-1)

- Development of Standardized Fuel for Smoke Exposure Testing of Protective Clothing, by Storesund et al (WP4, project 4-2)

- Demonstration test of passive fire safety measures for upholstered furniture, by Amiri and Steen-Hansen (WP4, project 4-3)

- Energy storage, energy production and SMART technology in buildings, by Sanfeliu Meliá et al (WP4, project 4-4)


Book of abstracts NFSD 2021:

The proceedings from the conference will be published after the conference.


In the coming time, we will upload the full presentations to and to Research Gate. At the FRIC lab site on Research gate you may find a link to each individual project site. 



Please do not hesitate to contact the authors (see the Conference Book of Abstract for contact details)