New FRIC report: Analytical fire design of timber buildings in fire class 3 in Norway

Published (News)

A FRIC guideline for analytical fire safety design of large timber buildings has been published.

The guideline is developed to collect and share knowledge on analytical fire safety engineering of timber structures for buildings where pre-accepted solutions are not given. Since the guideline is based on Norwegian building regulations it is only available in Norwegian. The guideline aims to increase the fire safety engineers' knowledge and expertise, as well as improve the quality of the analyses. It can also contribute to a more harmonised approach amongst the fire safety engineers. Structural engineers can also find useful information in the guideline.

You may find the full report here:
Look for the report number: FRIC report D3.2-2023.02
Direct link to pdf download here

Photo: Finansparken Bjergsted, Stavanger, SAAHA Arkitekter