Fire safety measures and new technology


This work package focus on fire safety measures in a broad interpretation of the term, and will also investigate fire safety issues related to new integrated energy systems and SMART technology.

At the time we have four projects running or planned:

Project 4.1 - Fire extinguishment

The project will explore possibilities of efficient fire extinguishing by fixed systems for buildings and by equipment to be used by fire brigades during firefighting. The project will focus on extinguishing system and methods using small amounts of water, and mainly for residential buildings and buildings in densely built areas. Methods for documentation of extinguishing effect will be investigated and a proposal for documentation of alternative systems to regular sprinkler systems will be developed. The project will also explore possibilities for external extinguishing systems for wood buildings in densely built areas, possibly by modification and adaption of methods and equipment used in other applications (e.g. in the offshore industry, maritime applications) to develop innovative solutions for buildings.


Project 4.2 - Personal protective equipment for firefighters

The project will further improve personal protecting clothing for fire fighters, considering the challenge that firefighters die or are injured due to inadequate metabolic heat dissipation in the line of the duty. This dual challenge (penetration of toxic smoke particles vs. heat dissipation) must be addressed in the future development of protective clothing using a cross scientific approach including work physiology, user-centred design, material science and garment manufacturers.


Project 4.3 - Fire safety measures for dwellings

The project will build on findings from earlier projects on characteristics of vulnerable groups and fire fatalities, and on fire safety measures for these groups and for dwellings in general. Communication of existing knowledge will be an important part of this project, but also development of innovative new solutions.


Project 4.4 - Building Integrated ENERGY SYSTEMS and SMART technology

The project will investigate the risk associated with the trends of more building-integrated energy systems (such as photovoltaics and batteries) and SMART technology and uncover fire safety issues which need to be addressed in building design. The aim is to develop recommendations on building design and installation of such systems and technology so that an acceptable level of fire safety is maintained. Identification and study of risk-reducing factors, measures and designs pertaining integrated systems will be given focus. An initial mapping of fire risks associated with integrated systems is required. In addition, the potentials SMART technology has in improving fire safety and reducing the consequences will be investigated. One PhD-candidate will be engaged in this project, focusing on fire safety of PV installations (BIPVs and BAPVs).


Tian Li, RISE Fire Research