Evidence-based decision-making

Evidence-based decision-making within fire safety

The objective of this work package is to ensure that FRIC results and outputs are sufficiently innovative and useful for our end partners, both public and private. This will be performed by identifying research needs and support the decision-making on resource allocation in the other work packages of FRIC. Decision-making regarding choice of solutions and innovations of fire safety as well as the consequences of fire in society will also be addressed. WP1 consists of two projects:

At the time we have two projects running or planned:

Project 1.1  - Monitoring and guiding centre research activities

This project will strive to make improvements to evidence-based decision making for fire safety strategies, and for materials, products and processes that are relevant for the centre’s end user partners. There will be a focus on information sharing and collaboration between the other work packages and to ensure a focus throughout the centre on the topics Fire prevention, Fire safety for vulnerable groups, Effect of fire safety measures and Technology.


Project 1.2 – Learning from fire investigations

The aim of this project is to collect and systematize information and data from real fires to increase the knowledge about fire development, direct and underlying causes of fires, fire risks and the effect of fire safety measures. Collecting and learning from experiences from fires of specific interest will be a continuous process, and a system for registration of data will be developed.


Ragni Fjellgaard Mikalsen, RISE Fire Research