Welcome to FRIC webinar: Unwanted fire alarms, are today’s situation acceptable?

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Unwanted fire alarms, are today’s situation acceptable?

Time: Mar 19, 2024 11:00 AM (Oslo)

Trøndelag Fire and Rescue service has worked with reducing the amount of unwanted fire alarms locally since 2017, and this webinar will present the work that has been done. This is a problem that also seems to increase nationally and ideas on how to solve it will be presented. In the end, FRIC will present results regarding an experiment performed on different detector technology and false alarm sources.

The work is connected to project 4.3 Fire safety measures for dwellings in FRIC.
Rolf Martin White, Trøndelag Fire and Rescue Service
Edvard Aamodt, RISE Fire Research

The webinar is free, open for all and will be held in Norwegian.
The webinar will start with a presentation of the results from the project, about 25 minutes, and will be followed by about 5-10 minutes for questions and discussions with the researchers. You are welcome to ask questions in English or in a Scandinavian language.

The webinar will be recorded and made available from fric.no/en/publications

Link to registration here

Photo: Trøndelag Fire and Rescue Service