FRIC Webinar: Guideline - Fire resistance upgrade of cultural heritage doors

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Welcome to FRIC webinar!

Older wooden doors can be one of the weaker points with regards to fire resistance in apartment buildings. FRIC has now published a guideline that proposes how glass, protective boards, sealing lists, hardware and door frames can be mounted to the door to be expected to achieve a fire resistance of approximately 30 minutes (as if the door would be fire resistance tested).

The guideline is based on new research from fire testing and will be presented on this webinar.

When: 7 November 2022, 11:00 AM Oslo

The webinar is free, open for all and will be held in English.

The research has been carried out as part of work package 3 in FRIC.

Anne-Marit Haukø, SINTEF
Barbro Wedvik, NIKU
Mikael Bergius, RISE Fire Research

More info and registration here