New knowledge on fire safe wooden heritage doors!

Published (News)

New journal paper: "Upgrading of Fire Resistance to Architectural Heritage Escape Route Timber Doors ", link:

FRIC has studied how we can upgrade the fire resistance of architectural heritage wooden doors. These types of older doors typically have a thickness of 40-50 mm, with glass on the upper part and a thinner wooden door panel on the lower part. For antiquary reasons, the interventions on the doors should be as little intrusive and as reversible as possible. Different solutions for mounting of fire resistant glass, gypsum boards and glazing lists were tested.

This work is a part of FRIC project 3.1.5 Solutions for upgrading of architectural heritage escape route doors.  

The results are published in the scientific journal International Journal of Architectural Heritage and are also presented in the FRIC report D3.1-2022.04, available at: