New FRIC report!

Published (News)

On the night of 7th of August 2021, a fire occurred in a municipal residential building that was used as housing for substance abusers in Bergen, Norway. An interdisciplinary project group in FRIC has analysed the fire with focus on understanding the rapid fire spread, and why there were no injuries or fatalities. Consideration has also been given to what could have happened if important circumstances had been different.

The FRIC report "Analyse av brann i kommunalt boligbygg i Bergen 7. august 2021" is now published and can be found here: The report is in Norwegian with English summary.

The results will also be published in a FRIC webinar in April. More information and link to the registration will soon be available on our home page.

Bergen Fire Service has also presented their evaluation in a FRIC webinar. The webinar can be found from our publication page, please look for  "FRIC webinar D1.2-2021.08"