FRIC Webinar: FRIC’s analysis of the Lone fire

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Welcome to FRIC webinar, open for all! 
The webinar is free and will be held in English.

This webinar will present the results from a project called «Analysis of a fire in a municipal building in Bergen 7th of august 2021».

On the night of 7th August 2021, there was a fire in a municipal housing building on Lone in Bergen. It was an intense fire with rapid fire spread. The residents of the block had problems with drugs, which is a risk factor in the event of a fire. Nevertheless, everyone in the building survived.  Through interdisciplinary collaboration, FRIC has analysed the fire with a focus on understanding the  the rapid development of the fire, and why there were no injuries or fatalities. In addition, it has been assessed what could have happened if certain conditions had been different.

When: Jun 7, 2023 11:00 AM (Oslo time)
The research has been carried out as a part of work package 1 FRIC.

Speakers:  Anne Steen-Hansen, Chief research scientist at RISE Fire Research and
Professor in Fire Safety Engineering, NTNU 
Edvard Aamodt, M.Sc., RISE Fire Research

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A webinar on this topic has already been held in Norwegian. Please find the presentation and the video recording from the Norwegian webinar here:

Photo: Bergen brannvesen.